VSAT Service You Can Trust

Emstret is a Satellite Internet service provider VSAT, allowing communications and IT solutions to cover business needs all over PNG and the Pacific. Accomplishing the precise connectivity at hard to reach locations is tough and the cost of poor communication services high. When a location can’t be connected via a cable, fibre or terrestrial radio link, then VSAT is the only option to provide you with the services you require. It’s not uncommon for upstream IT departments to have minimal expertise in VSAT or limited time to invest in the fine tuning required to consistently achieve the connectivity demanded in business daily activity. Emstret has detailed knowledge of when to use VSAT and how to get the best from both the service we provide and the connection itself through the use of advanced optimisation techniques that improve bandwidth utilisation. We are an IT consultation company that specialised in hardware, software & network solutions.


Fast, Affordable, accessible and efficient Internet service.


A technology commitment to narrow-beam ka-band HTS.


A shared payload model for time-to-market practicality.


A fugal approach to design and operation focus on Papua New Guinea.

2,000 +

Devices Installed

We have numerous real life examples of where we have helped oil and gas companies:

* Make significant savings on your on-going VSAT connectivity costs and call charges
* Achieve an end-to-end VSAT solution aligned with your requirements as operator
* Expand IT services over your VSAT link without purchasing more bandwidth
* Obtain better market awareness of the VSAT options available

About Our Company

Emstret VSAT is a professional Internet Service Provider, Working in partnership with Kacific Broadband satellite. We offering Internet and telephony services directed towards all types of users from end -users. Emstret will usefully managed bandwidth to serve diverse end-user segments such as enterprise and public institutions broadband connectivity, consumer residential broadband (typically upto 20MBPS/10MBPS, and allowing high quality VOIP and OTT video service) and mobile backhaul connectivity. Reaching affordably where no other service is available . With affordable bandwidth accessible anywhere. Emstret VSAT will bring Internet connectivity to mobile networks, schools, community centers enterprises and individual households.


Let us take a look at your field site communications infrastructure. Regardless of whether you are simply looking for a new VSAT provider, are in flight with an existing VSAT project or need to find a better way of delivering these services, we are confident we can help shape your strategy, save money and improve performance.


Let us show you how we can help you save money and enjoy better connectivity using VSAT. Whether you are underway with a project or have something on the horizon, speak to our VSAT consultants for advice on the support we could offer in better connectivity service to your organisation.


With advanced optimisation technologies, we improve bandwidth utilisation to create improvements in performance across your VSAT link, even where low-bandwidth connections exist. Likewise, we can also manage your link by remotely, detecting potential issues or faults and then mobilising the right people to fix things fast in the event of an incident.

Quality of Service

Whichever route you choose, to achieve improvements in your VSAT service, it needs regular maintenance, management and continual optimisation. Through detailed analysis of your network, we take responsibility for both the technical and commercial performance of your VSAT.